Changing Phoca Download Button Styles & Classes

Changing Phoca Download Button Styles & Classes

I wanted to do some further styling to my Phoca Download page, that placed a "play indicator" icon before the word play on the button and wanted it to better match my site. I also wanted to change the color of the details button to make it less obtrusive.

Here's what to do (with some help from the Phoca support forum):


Edit this file: 


Change the code for the Play Button (Around Line 88)

$pdButtonPlay .= '<a class="btn btn-primary"  href="'.$playLink.'" onclick="'. $buttonPlOptions.'" ><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-play-circle"></span> '. JText::_('COM_PHOCADOWNLOAD_PLAY').'</a>'

Change the code for the Details Button (Around Line 294)

$pdButtonDetails .= '<a class="btn btn-default" '.$overlib.' href="#">'. JText::_('COM_PHOCADOWNLOAD_DETAILS').'</a>';

Final Result:

phoca style buttons

phoca style buttons

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