Customize Icon & Color of Site Name in Purity III Template

Customize Icon & Color of Site Name in Purity III Template
You need a cool custom look for your site's logo, the images don't resize well, and sometimes, it just doesn't look right. No worries, there are some easy customizations that you can use to improve the look of your logo by using custom HTML and icons in the Purity III template.
First load up the Extensions>Templates>Purity III menu option. Select the Theme tab and set the logo type to Text.

Now you can put your site's name into the appropriate field. This field will accept HTML, so adding some SPAN tags, we can do some cool things here. 
Next we want to add an icon to the logo, you can choose any glyphicon or font awesome icon (purity iii already supports these icons).
We use the Font Awesome Joomla Icon, so we add this code to display it:
 <span class="fa fa-joomla"></span> DEMOSITE
Next, our demo site needs some branding, since the site is Design's Edge, or DE, we are going to turn those letters orange. Simply use a SPAN Style comment wrapped around what you want to color (Even the icon itself)
<span class="fa fa-joomla"></span> <span style="color: orange;">DE</span>MOSITE
Hope this helps you to customize your purity iii logo to be more appealing to your visitors and help you stand out! 
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