Handling Links within JEvents & Google Calendar- New Windows, Styling, Etc.

Handling Links within JEvents & Google Calendar- New Windows, Styling, Etc.

Recently, I needed to add several events, on a repeating basis to JEvents. If you are not familiar, it is one of the (if not the) best tools to building and tracking events for Joomla CMS. Frankly, I have used the free version for years, and intend on buying the commercial version just to support the further development. Their support is top-notch, even to free users - something not easily found these days, they love what they do!

So let's look at the design problem first. I needed to create daily tasks, that a user could click a link, open a new window and complete. This could be used for seminars, videos, really anything that needs to happen on a consistent basis. I wanted the link to open in a new window, to preserve my site in their browser and facilitate their return to my page. Don't want to loose any eyes.

The issue was that when the event was listed, it showed raw html on output, I wanted a cool clickable link. So, I reached out to JEvents support, and boy did they come through for me!

So, if you having the same problems as me, with the front end appearance of JEvents inside the latest events module, here is the fix.

1 - You cannot put links, HTML, or anything of that nature inside the title of the event on google calendar, period.

They MUST be placed into the description.

Enter your HTML code into the description.


2 - Run the update calendar function in JEvents Back End

3 - Set your "Custom Format String" in the module settings, mine looked like this:

<h3> ${title} </h3>


4 - Enjoy the final result of a fully formed, bootstrap button, that opens in a new page and handled by JEvents!

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